Our lovely bungalow is now for sale. We have enjoyed building it over the last three/four years, living in it and developing the extensive grounds.

As you'll see in the images, the planning of the property was well considered making the building both a functional, easy space to live in and a comfortable home to relax in. With no fixed budget in mind and no time constraints, what savings we made from the usual labor costs were invested in quality finishing.

We are looking for offers in the region of €200,000

Unlike most new build properties in the area, our bungalow offers a more spacious floor plan with a simple layout. Most bungalows here are if not smaller, have an integral garage but we have a detached 6m2 garage, this frees up that space inside the bungalow.

The bungalows footprint is 170m2 and sits on a lawn area of nearly 7000m2, that's about the same size as the average football pitch! (Though it looks bigger to me?) We’ve made a garden from pastureland planting trees and the flower beds along the 45m drive creating a colorful entrance leading to the bungalow and wide open garden.

The external walls are standard construction 20cm block, the Webber render is pre colored and looks fantastic. Internal walls are 10-80 internal plasterboard finish; this is all as per the French building regulations. The roof, again, is standard construction all pre-made trusses with 200cm of Rockwool insulation.

The internal dividing walls are 15cm wide containing a double metal frame (the norm in France is a single metal frame). Inside our walls we have 10cm rock wool insulation, this greatly improves both heat retention and soundproofing.

Amenities such as washing machine, dryer, heating system, freezer and Wi-Fi are all located in a well-organized utility room conveniently located off the kitchen. The hub of all the services for the bungalow are uncomplicated and easy to use (a bit like me!).

The oil fired central heating system services the radiators and underfloor heating in the tiled areas (kitchen, utility, bathroom and en-suite). The bedrooms, lounge and hallway are heated by radiators (each with individual thermostats) with an additional radiator in the cloakroom and bathroom. The pipework to the radiators are all individually run back to a manifold (no pipe joints in the floor means there are no hidden problems). Regulating the heating during the winter is simple, with a frost stat the system does what it’s supposed to, protect the home from all weathers.

Oak engineered laminated flooring runs throughout the bungalow and looks fabulous, (no door bars) it's warm under foot and so easy to clean. The wet areas are tiled completely both floor and walls, the main bathroom has a shower, corner bath, sink and WC, the en-suit has a 1200-900 shower sink and WC and are mechanically vented.

The internal walls have solid Oak skirting boards and door liners, the Oak was cut and planed from tree planks by myself; it looks stunning! The bonus with real Oak: there is little further decorating required. The internal doors and double glazed windows are all from La Payre (the UK version of Magnet and Southern).

The kitchen is simply perfect, the size, the functionality and the simplicity is great. The lighting, work top, tiling, all seem to work so well, it's a relaxed environament and inclusive for the cook.

The detached garage is 6m2, which is a generous size. If a vehicle is parked inside there is still plenty of space to work. There is ample fixed wracking, lighting, power, as well as a sink, hot water and wood burner.

Opposite the garage I have built a ‘carport’. It was just meant to be a wall crossing the drive to give a courtyard feel. For some reason it ended up being rendered walls and an open Oak frame sitting on top, perfect for climbing plants and some shelter from the elements.

Inside, the recessed lighting creates an uncluttered and contemporary finish, again easy to clean and maintain. Outside we have various lighting being controlled by PIR units, all automatic no waste and little maintenance.

We have installed a Scantronic 9448+ alarm system that has many dual technology PIR/Microwave sensors, we also have a Cooper SD1 auto dialer that calls you if you have an intruder. We have installed 3 hour non maintained emergency lighting at the mains in both the bungalow and the garage, this means that should you have a mains failure you have a working light where and when you need it.

The oil tank is located outside semi buried and in a Bund. The boiler supply pipe work has a device that prevents a free flowing oil supply, the boiler will be automatically shut down should there be a problem. This unit is not required here but it is in the UK.

If you wish to visit, please do, no worries, or try before you buy! (Though this is possible at a cost it’ll be refunded upon purchase… now that’s confidence!)




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